Expertise & Network

Each of our team has been through the entrepreneurial life cycle. We’ve built companies of our own, seen them succeed where others have fallen short, and helped lead plenty of others with our experience and cross-industry network. 


Challenges & Guidance

We’re here to help companies and founders with real potential navigate the pitfalls that come with scaling a business in a sustainable manner. Sometimes this takes gentle guidance, sometimes it takes a firm challenge to become a better leader. Either way, we’ll have your back. 


Investment + Sweat Equity

The Solidea approach is a little bit different. When we invest in a company, we work in return for equity. In other words, we put some skin in the game. We don’t just try to back winners — we help build them. 


Thinking Bigger

Success isn’t just about one business making it and the rest failing. It’s about fostering communities that allow entrepreneurs to flourish, co-exist, and raise each other’s game. This is the bigger picture we want to paint.

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