Pro Basketball League teams up with Global Sports Analytics for in-depth analytics

Exciting news for Solidea’s portfolio company, Global Sports Analytics!   

From EuroMillions:

“The Pro Basketball League has concluded a partnership with American company, Global Sports Analytics, as official analytics provider.

Global Sports Analytics (GSA) is a diversified technology platform that provides products and services to basketball teams, players and fans worldwide. For The Pro Basketball League, GSA has developed a proprietary analytic-platform, the EDGE, with a view of professionalizing the use of statistics in the analysis of games and players alike. 

Wim Van de Keere, general manager Pro Basketball League: “In-depth statistic analysis will become an ever more important part of basketball in Europe. It has become almost mainstream in today’s NBA and NCAA. This partnership will allow our teams to set up partnerships with GSA at very competitive prices and in doing so will be able to use GSA’s elaborate platform to better prepare for and analyze games.”

Brandon Smith, CEO & Founder: Our group is very excited about the opportunity to support the growth of basketball in Belgium. We believe in the vision of league leadership, and look forward to providing insights for coaches, players, and fans. “

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